Our service

As a service provider, we run an anonymous, web-based communication platform named whistle-blow.org.
Our clients are usually the compliance departments in companies or public authorities.

whistle-blow.org helps the compliance department of the company to communicate with a reporter from within the company or even an external anonymous reporter. We thus replace the typical ombudsman with an electronic one.

The client gets its own access to whistle-blow.org. The client is notified about an incoming message via email and it then has the option to view the information entered by the reporter. It can then leave a message for the reporter.

Call us on: +49 (700) 93 877 877 or send us an email to info@whistle-blow.org

The company
The whistle-blow.org platform is run by the audimex ag, a service provider with its head office in Augsburg, Germany.
Our clients are mid-size to big companies as well as other organisations.
Report suspicion

Wenn Sie einen Verdacht melden möchten, verwenden Sie bitte den von Ihrem Unternehmen zur Verfügung gestellten Link.

Sollte Ihnen dieser Link unbekannt sein, haben Sie folgende Möglichkeiten:
  • Informieren Sie sich auf der Homepage Ihres Unternehmens
  • Suchen Sie in der Suchmaschine Ihrer Wahl nach "whistle-blow.org" + Unternehmensname
Added values

Financial regulatory authorities: The financial regulatory authorities such as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany are continuously increasing regulatory pressure on financial service providers in the field of compliance. The recent tightening of §25c KWG has lead to increased pressure to introduce a reporting system for certain criminal offences. Could you ever solve a supervisory problem completely for 199€ a month? We offer you an affordable, simple and complete solution for this.

Advantages of an anonymous reporting system: Fraud, corruption and other criminal offences cause major damage even in Germany. Discovering in particular and even solving such cases is difficult. Setting-up a reporting system is an important and helpful element on the way to having a complete compliance system.

Costs: As compared to an ombudsman, whistle-blow.org charges only 10-20% of the costs. You save between 80 to 90% of the overheads. We do not charge any initial costs.

Complete reporting process: You will not only obtain the reporting platform service from us, but also a complete reporting system, including description of the process.

Anonymous questions: As compared to other reporting systems, for example an ombudsman or a telephone hotline, questioning an anonymous reporter is possible. This is very important as initial reports are often incomplete and do not help in solving the problem entirely.

Easy accessibility: Being an Internet-based reporting system, whistle-blow.org is virtually always available: at all times, from every place on the planet.

Fast and simple: By using a complete, documented, and an already established system, there are only minimum expenses for the set-up, especially for compliance officers.

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