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Reporting process
whistle-blow.org is a portal designed for transmitting messages about possible violations of internal or external regulations.

The portal is operated by whistleblow GmbH, an independent external service provider, and it can be used throughout the Group by all Jungheinrich employees and external business partners such as customers and suppliers, etc.

Learn more about the reporting process "here."
Why should I submit a report?

Ethically and legally correct behaviour within the Group is crucially important to Jungheinrich. Jungheinrich has also acknowledged this in its own Jungheinrich Code of Conduct. Offences such as money laundering, fraud, corruption and unfair advantage in particular cause great harm. Jungheinrich relies on your information to meet these challenges.

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whistleblow GmbH ensures through technical means on its portal that your anonymity can be protected. As a matter of course for you and Jungheinrich, all information, especially your name if you give it in the report, will be treated in a strictly confidential manner.

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Data Protection and Starting a report

You can submit a specific report through this portal. Even if you have doubts, please report your suspicions.

I have read the notice concerning protection of my anonymity and the "Notice on Data Protection". By entering the following text, I state that I agree with these notices.

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