Jungheinrich AG
Notice on Anonymity

The highest principle of this portal is to protect the whistleblower.

You can be assured that your data will be kept strictly confidential at all times. Your data will be stored in a secured location, encrypted and password-protected. Electronic communication with Jungheinrich takes place exclusively through the communication number assigned by whistle-blow.org, which does not make it possible for Jungheinrich to draw any conclusions about your identity.

If you wish, you can also provide your information anonymously, provided the statutory provisions of the relevant country allow for providing information anonymously.

To protect your anonymity, we ask you to pay particular attention to the following points when reporting your information:

- Do not give any personal data (such as your name, relationship to the person involved, or other information that would make it possible to identify you).
- Make certain you have a secure Internet connection. This is indicated by a lock icon in your browser.
If possible, use a private PC or a PC outside your company's network.
- If you send attachments, make certain they do not contain any references to your identity.
- Files may also contain personal data (for example under "File properties"). Remove this data before sending your report.