Jungheinrich AG
Reporting process

After you reach our site, we request you to first enter the security text on the start screen.

On pressing the button "Report suspicion", a new page will appear, where you can enter your detailed report in your own words. To support your reporting, you can also upload documents on this page and send them.

Provided that you want to report your suspicion anonymously, we request you to follow the instructions for maintaining your anonymity.

However, we request you to answer three questions concerning anonymity, the involvement of the legal and compliance department or the involvement of the internal audit department.

On pressing the button "Report suspicion", a new verification page will appear, where you can see details about your contact person and you can preview and check your report once again here.

Provided that you are willing to answer queries, you will receive a communication number that enables the said contact persons to contact you. Your anonymity – if desired – is ensured as the contact person of your company/organization only has your communication number and not your name.

After about a week, you can view and answer any queries or doubts on this page by entering the communication number.