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Why should I report a suspicion?

Criminal offences such as fraud or corruption could cause major economic damage.

According to a newspaper report, economists estimate the damage that results from bribery and acceptance of benefits to run into approximately 250 billion Euros annually in Germany. For a single company, an individual case of fraud can be extremely damaging. Take the instance of Enron and other companies whose existence was destroyed by criminal acts.

By submitting a suspicion report, you legitimately point out such irregularities and help to redress them. In this way, you make an important contribution for the success of a company and the society as a whole.

Naturally, such a system can also be misused for purpose of denunciation. This is in fact a punishable offence. Statistical analysis shows that this almost never happens in practice in Germany. Through carefully examination of the findings by the compliance department, such reports are also detected.